Impossible Reality

There are occasions when I’ll sit in Jenni’s den with her and watch some TV. Since it’s the only location on the main floor with both a TV and comfortable seating, the family tends to gather there to watch some shows.   And those of you who know Jenni know that she is a connoisseur […]


This past weekend was the great lowering of the ears around Lathropworld. And all three kids decided to make some changes to their ‘dos.   So, in the laziest possible way I can present this post, I give you the before and after pictures…     …And the after.     Yeah. I think they […]


You may have read or heard about the $650,000 Karen Klein is getting. It’s for her to have a vacation, after all. And that kind of gift is not the sort of thing you just ignore.   Ah, but if you’ve missed the story–feel good as it is–you may not know the details: She’s a […]

Perpetual Motion

School’s out. So why do I feel like I’m running in circles?   It’s been busy around here for a while–actually, going back to early May. Something’s been going on every weekend, things during the week…   I know. This is going to sound like complaining, and it probably is, but this is what having […]


What is this, you may ask? Okay, yeah, it’s Hannah and Zoe, and if you look closely, you may notice they, along with those around them, are in their Girl Scout uniforms. But what’s with the white picket fence and flowers?   This may answer the question: That’s the float in the Celebrate Northeast Parade […]


To all of you fathers out there, I wish you the best today. Hope you had a good day that was what you wanted.   We had a good day with Jenni’s dad. And I later called my grandfather and my own father. So I think I covered my bases.   A good day. Hope […]


If it’s May or June, it’s a seemingly never-ending succession of gatherings at our place…Though the good news is that once you’ve done the heavy cleaning for event #1, the subsequent cleanings for later events become progressively easier.   This weekend features another celebratory double-dip. Patrick is having friends over on Saturday, for an afternoon […]


For the two years we lived in North Dakota, we were a couple of questions many, many times: 1) When were we planning on having kids? And 2) Were we planning on staying in the state for a long time?   You see, the state was dying back then. The population was dipping to just […]


It’s so easy to just get wrapped up in yourself and your problems, isn’t it? But when you pull back enough to notice, you realize how really silly and insignificant they really are. I find myself worrying about all sorts of things–problems that are impacting me, and just recently realized that it’s all remarkably unimportant. […]

On The Weekend

I’m back, which obviously means we all survived the weekend.   Not to say it was bad, by any means. Hotter than all get-out, sure, but in most other ways, it was a very good weekend.   Friday after school, we were descended upon by about 10 of the girls’ friends for their sleepover party. […]