Wednesday Quick Hits

Sorry kids, but I’m going to force you to do some work today to see all of the short, quick-hit posts from today, so scroll down to see more.


In this photo piece, we learn that Republicans are just as responsible as Democrats for contributing to the ultimate demise of the English language.


You see, the Mitt camp released an app for smartphones that let you take a picture and overlay a banner telling the world just how much you support Mitt Romney. But by killing ordinary proof reading and oversight by multiple sets of eyeballs, we have gotten this gem from the apparent Republican nominee:

Yes, you read that right: Amercia. As in: Land of the Feer and Hume of the Brove.


I’m waiting for the announcement that the intern has been fired. Though this certainly doesn’t help any argument that we’re spending too much on public education in this country. It does, however, help the argument that perhaps cutbacks to employees in skilled positions are finally taking their toll.


Of course, this may not be nearly as bad as last week’s unfortunate typo by the LBJ School of Public Policy:

This, kids, was the cover of the commencement program for the school, as distributed to the students who were graduating. Keep that and frame that right next to your diploma, everyone.


Let me proof this post one more time….


More to come.