Coming Soon

Okay, so here’s the deal.


It’s actually Thursday afternoon as I write this, but I won’t schedule it to post until later. But tonight, we’re off in multiple directions: Jenni and my mom off with the girls to their choir concert, and my dad and I over to Patrick’s school for his band concert.


Somehow, somewhere, sometime, I’ll get the videos posted this weekend. Either Friday or Saturday Night, I think, so just keep coming back and check.


We’re excited, as always for these concerts. Though the girls are in their first concert since joining the 6th grade choir midway through the year, so that’s lending a little extra excitement over tonight’s festivities.


But still, they’re in different locations and different directions. Alas, such is life for us.


So again, stay tuned. I’ll have those up as a special mid-weekend posting.


See you tomorrow.