Nope, I haven’t felt the blogging mojo the last couple of days. Nothing much to report on, nothing I’ve seen out there in the news or the world worth commenting on, or that hasn’t been commented on already. Life around here is normal and just holding until the weekend, when we have graduation festivities for Jenni and the girls celebrate their 12th birthday on Monday.


You see, it’s a conflicted place I live in with the blog, wondering how much is too much to share. Or how little is too little. Oh, the dilemma…


So, on the fly, I’ve just decided to give you guys a look at some photos that I’ve taken with the camera on my new phone. I know, a cheesy idea, but you might still enjoy it.


This one’s actually from tonight, out running an errand. The difference in facial expressions is SO Hannah and Zoe. (BTW, that’s Zoe on the left. Which means it’s Hannah on the right.)


I call this one “God light over the Dairy Queen,” which is only a half-truth…I’m at the Dairy Queen, getting the family some treats, and the God light is suspended over the health club. A sign? I think not…


As spectacular as the brunch was on Mother’s Day with Mom and Dad and Julie and Colin, the view was just as spectacular from the 50th floor of the IDS.

And there’s actually a game in progress at Target Field.


Here’s one of the cat, apparently judging me harshly. Or she doesn’t like having her picture taken. Or something…


And finally, because I know some of you didn’t see this posted on Facebook, here’s Jenni defending her thesis:

And trust me when I tell you that she looked and spoke exactly like she knew what she was talking about. Which she did.


Okay. So a lame post, I know. I’m sure, though, I’ll be making up for it this weekend, so just wait for that.


See you tomorrow.