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It is with joy, giddiness, and some guilt that I announce that I got a shiny new piece of technology.


I got a new phone.


Yes, I feel guilty for buying it because it was temporarily expensive, but I can totally rationalize it if I have to…


I need my device. It holds my multiple calendars–family, kids, mine, Jenni’s, work’s–it gets e-mails for when I’m not at a computer. It really is utilitarian: I organize a lot of my life on it. Plus, see, T-Mobile had a trade-in offer: trade in my old piece of crap and they’ll send me $100. And there was a $50 rebate on the phone. Sometime next  month, I’ll get that back.


Ooh! Plus, my old phone sucked–it couldn’t be upgraded any more (actually, it couldn’t for about the past year), it wasn’t compatible with newer games and apps, it was starting to chronically miss incoming calls (beyond me just not noticing the phone ringing), it would spontaneously reboot 2 or 3 times per day, it couldn’t play Angry Birds, and, well…It was old.


Just ask Jenni. I’d been on the hunt for a good phone for a while, researching phones T-Mobile offered, and stuff that was in the pipeline. Then I saw this one: the HTC One S.


All of the reviews raved about it. It would be great, they said. You have to have it, they said. It’s the newest, greatest, bestest, they said…For now, they said…


Now here’s one truth you must know: I have never, EVER bought a piece of tech within days of its release. I bought this phone, with the combination of a little extra cash, and the rebates available, three days after it came out.


Call me a loser if you must. But I do love it.


I haven’t loved my phone since the first couple of months of having my old phone. This one is bright, and really thin, and…and…beautiful! Sorry, I’m gushing. It’s fast, cool, unlocks with my face! (really…ask and I’ll show you), and, did I say it’s cool?


Yeah, I treated myself. I’ll admit it. And it took a while to finally admit that I deserved it. But there you go.


Now excuse me while I go and play Angry Birds and then head to bed.


See you tomorrow.