Lazy Laughing Links

What? You think this is easy, throwing together some deep thoughts to keep you informed, entertained and interested? Well it ain’t, bub…


So instead, you get to enjoy the fruits of my evening’s labor: finding videos that make me smile or that I really like.


First off, a ’90s band that couldn’t quite decide what their style was going to be, but this song is really good…I give you Redd Kross and “Annie’s Gone.”


From my teen years, when Julie and I would watch Tiny Toon Adventures every day after school…Their cartoon paired with They Might Be Giants’ version of “Istanbul.”


The Talking Heads are always good, and I remember the first time I saw this video–it made me want to get their album right away.


To movies, from one of my favorites, “Buckaroo Banzai,” one of the most famous scenes from the movie:


For those who I haven’t made watch the IT Crowd yet, one of my two favorite scenes:

And my other favorite, from the episode where they go to see “Gay” the Gay Musical.


So there you go. The easy way out for me. Enjoy!


See you tomorow.