May Day!

May is shaping up a lot like March did.


We’ve got Mother’s Day. Hannah and Zoe’s Birthday. Jenni’s graduation. Memorial Day. All packed into a month of Sundays…And all the other days of the week.


Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong–I’m looking forward to all of the celebrating, and all of the events. I’m anxious for the girls to turn twelve. I’m anxious for Jenni to graduate and achieve something she’s been working hard on for five years. And both of those milestones demand a celebration. So bring on the mirth and merriment!


But…There’s the getting ready bit.


So much to do and plan and do. And do. Like cleaning up and menu making and gift buying and…


Ah, lots to stress over, but I’m actually looking forward to it. Now to see what food everyone wants for their parties.


See you tomorrow.