Wednesday Quick Hits

Sorry kids, but I’m going to force you to do some work today to see all of the short, quick-hit posts from today, so scroll down to see more.   In this photo piece, we learn that Republicans are just as responsible as Democrats for contributing to the ultimate demise of the English language.   […]

Hooding: the update

For those who don’t see these things, Luther posted a link to their photo set on their Facebook site (Jenni is largely responsible for Luther’s Facebook page, by the way). And in that set is a great picture of Jenni getting her hood: Still proud, even a week-and-a-half later.   See you later.


As promised, here’s the girls’ choir concert from last Thursday. One of the fun parts about this is that since the girls have been at FAIR Crystal, we’ve worked on encouraging them to get into the theatre or choir program. I mean, they’ve both enjoyed singing and have beautiful voices, but they showed no interest […]


A wonderful day today here. We had family over for a great afternoon of some great food (if I do say so myself), good conversation, and a great time together.   Oh, there was part of me that wondered about the effort we have to put into having gatherings: cleaning, preparing munchies and a meal […]

Coming Soon

Okay, so here’s the deal.   It’s actually Thursday afternoon as I write this, but I won’t schedule it to post until later. But tonight, we’re off in multiple directions: Jenni and my mom off with the girls to their choir concert, and my dad and I over to Patrick’s school for his band concert. […]


Okay, I’ve got a question for all of you.   Over the past two days, I’ve had three people–who’ve called the help desk looking for computer help–decline my help just because I’ve told them they need to do something they don’t want to do.   That something is a reboot, which, I fully understand, takes […]

Ripped Scrubs

Twelve years ago, on this very day, I was standing in an operating room, looking vaguely like the Hulk in torn scrub pants.   Activity in the room swirled around me: Jenni was on the delivery table, there were a couple of nurses, moving around giving orders and letting me know where to be so […]

Mastering: An Event in Three Parts

A couple of weekends ago, you all will recall that Jenni delivered her thesis defense. Aside from the actual researching, writing, and proofing of her paper, this was one of the last stages of her graduation from her Master’s program at Luther Seminary. For those who don’t see my Facebook or Google Plus pages, here’s […]

Band, Part One

Over the coming week, we’ve got 3 concerts that the kids will be in. I give you video from the first: Hannah and Zoe’s Spring Concert.   It’s so much fun to see how far the kids have come over the years. Next week, we’ll have the girls’ first choir concert and Patrick’s band concert. […]


Nope, I haven’t felt the blogging mojo the last couple of days. Nothing much to report on, nothing I’ve seen out there in the news or the world worth commenting on, or that hasn’t been commented on already. Life around here is normal and just holding until the weekend, when we have graduation festivities for […]