A thousand pardons for blowing y’all off last night, but after working on our taxes for a couple of hours, my brain wasn’t up to spitting anything out except for numbers.


Yes, I admit it. I’m a procrastinator when it comes to taxes. Even when I’m reasonably certain we’ve got money coming back, I’ll put it off, and especially when I know we need to pay something, I’ll push it to the limit. I don’t have a reason for waiting, except that there’s no real advantage to doing any part of it early. The refund will still be there by the time I file, so there’s no point in pushing.


Tonight, I decided to just enjoy some time avoiding the taxes, which were sent out earlier today. But I found myself drawn into a project–a story that I’d started ages ago, actually shared with some of you, and, drawing on some inspiration found in the Hunger Games books, suddenly realized that with a slight change in focus, I’ve got a teen novel on my hands, and even now have a path and an ending for the story, which I hadn’t had three years ago when I’d started work on it.


Strange how inspiration works, sometimes.


The weather here is either menopausal, or just plain forgetful, like the turning of the calendar page means nothing…Or that nature needs to make up for the fact that it was 80 degrees last month by bringing us snow in April. There’s a point when I’m getting dressed in the morning where I’m considering layering simply because I’m worried I might have to strip down to swim trunks and a towel by the afternoon.


But that hasn’t happened yet. Probably good. Not sure how that would work while I’m on the phone at work.


So in case you couldn’t tell, there isn’t much to report here. Back tomorrow with more mediocre inspiration.


See you tomorrow.