Dreams Versus Reality

It’s a natural human instinct, I think–or the optimist in me hopes, anyway–that people question themselves in order to become better people. Hopefully, they have goals or dreams to aspire to, and then have to face the reality of who or what they are and decide what to do. We all have these feelings, right?


I don’t think I’m a great parent: I try, but there’s so much further to go.

I wish I were a better husband, just because I think there are areas I need to do a better job in.

I wish I could keep my house cleaner.

I want to diet and exercise and stick to it and actually lose weight.

I want to make the yard and gardens look outstanding.


Some things are attainable, others are not. Some need a lot of work. Some just need commitment to get there.


I want to watch more movies.

I wish I would write more.

I want to be able to cook everything I see that looks good on TV and on the internet.

I wish I weren’t so lazy sometimes.

I wish I weren’t so busy sometimes.

I wish I could give more to those who need more than I do.


Some things you may be able to control. Some…Not so much.


Most of us just want to be better…Regardless of how we see ourselves now. At least, that’s what I’m hoping of myself and the rest of humanity.


See you tomorrow.