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4 Responses

  1. Peggy Lathrop says:

    Just wait till you are over 60!!! Now that is ultra compression….
    Sometime we will reminisce about your early days and what we remember of your children’s and of your father and I standing in the alley waving good bye to you and Julie as you left on your first solo trip (to 4th of July at the pasture)

    Compression but joy!

    With all my love,

    • Paul says:

      And I recall only a few specific trips, but I think they all blur into one: getting picked up at the bus station, stopping at the grocery store in Mazeppa to pick up the case of skin-on hot dogs, endless hours of mowing…But specific details only come in two cases: hitting the homer in one softball game, and working on the Pinto.

  2. Jenni says:

    I bet you do remember taking Patrick home. We were in Bismarck, in the Ronald McDonald house. He was finally healthy enough to take home (after, what, 9 days in the NICU?). We gathered him up and hit the house before leaving for home. They took a picture of the three of us sitting infront of the fireplace (I was wearing overall shorts. Ugh, ’96). We got everything in the car to head to Garrison. I sat in the back seat the whole way to make sure he didn’t jiggle loose or anything. He wore a mostly orange and yellow pastel onesie. A couple of friends had put some balloons outside of the house for when we got home.

    Somewhere I still have that picture from the Ronald McDonald House.

    • Paul says:

      I remember the picture, but I don’t remember sitting for it. I remember the stay in the Ronald McDonald house. I don’t remember the trip home or getting home. I do remember putting Patrick on his back on the couch between us and having Felix on his back next to him.

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