Departure From Normal

Wow…Sorry to not have checked in since Thursday night. But such is the way things go around here sometimes.


You can ask the kids or even the cat: the weekend was different. I took Friday off, the girls started spring break Friday, Patrick was in school, but Jenni took off for a weekend trip with friends to a wedding in Chicago.


The girls declared it a pajama day on Friday, so they really just took it easy and hung out. I headed out to take Patrick to school and pick him up after school, but outside of that, it was a pretty low-powered day. The girls played a bit, played some games on their computers, watched some TV and read a bit. I, on the other hand, started cranking through some more Mad Men–the premiere of season five was a week ago, and at the start of the weekend, I hadn’t even started season four yet. So I had some catching up to do.


I’ll say this as long as we’re on the subject: I’m not in love with the show, but it has sucked me in to the point where I want to see where it goes. But there isn’t a single character I like or find myself invested in, and maybe that’s because all of the characters are either phony, angry, mean, selfish, self-absorbed, drunk, or child-like. Though I realize that’s probably the point, too. I will say, though, that it is very true to its period, is well written to the point where there is no throw-away dialog or story point, and the acting is good enough to make none of the characters likable.


But back to our life around here. Saturday was also kind of laid back, though the girls went out for a bit to try to sell the last of their troop’s girl scout cookies. We went out for dinner at Sonic (mmm…cranberry limeaid), and then all managed to sleep in on Sunday.


I have to say I’ve been enjoying this time off. I haven’t been terribly lazy nor terribly over-productive, though you might not be able to tell that I’ve been up to things.


I have projects to attend to around here. I’ve mentioned it before, but this year I’m serious about it, and the backyard will be tamed. I’ve started tearing down the swing set, which was more wooden fortress than swing set. And 12 years together plus one move have, to a point, made it slightly more difficult to disassemble than I had anticipated. Though at the same time, I’m pleasantly surprised that I haven’t had to resort to a saw yet.


It’s about 80 percent disassembled now, though the pile of parts in the yard probably tells a different tale. It’s at the point where there really are less than 10 bolts holding it together, but they’re substantial bolts holding substantial parts. So while it has partially collapsed due to lack of supporting structure, it’s still pretty strong.


I’ve also worked on removing dead plants, pruning branches that need pruning, chopping down trees that have sprung up here and there, and I’m gradually getting to the point where I’m seeing the framework again instead of a sea of unkempt foliage.


I’m also trying to slowly reorganize my den, though again, that one’s harder to see because right now it’s still a disaster. If there’s rain tomorrow as promised, I’ll take the whole computer rig here apart and rebuild it, just to get the cable mess tamed.


Oh, I know. Another stellar catch-up piece from me. But that’s what happens after a four day break. Back with more later.


See you tomorrow.