Not What One Seems

As you all know, I am the handiest person you can possibly imagine.   Well, okay. I’m not. At all. My one real dive into woodworking achieved only the world’s most sturdy leaning bookshelf. But six layers of lacquer can do that for you.   So I had an epiphany of sorts this weekend.   […]

The Office or Person?

A few nights ago, the president appeared on a late-night talk show, gave a very entertaining performance and interview, and now is being criticized for it by some, and lauded by others.   Those who found the appearance abhorrent said that it demeans the office of the presidency. Those who found the performance to be […]

To Cling or not to Cling

I came across an article today that was talking about an interesting situation: the Boston Red Sox this past week celebrated the 100th anniversary of their ballpark–a still operating, viable ballpark. Meanwhile, the article pointed out, a ballpark that opened that very day 100 years ago, Detroit’s Tiger Stadium, is gone, torn down a year […]

The Occasional Movie Review

This time, I’m reviewing the film Moneyball, which is based on a very popular book, which in turn, focused on the true story of Billy Beane’s revolutionary approach to being the general manager of the Oakland Athletics.   The movie starts in 2001, the A’s are in the American League Championship Series against the Yankees, […]

The Hazards of Wishing

When we lived in North Dakota 16 years ago, the whole state had this love/hate relationship with its population.   On the one hand, they wished they had more people, larger cities, more economic development. On the other hand, they really liked being the small town state, a place where all of its inhabitants could […]


Indulge me here, folks. We have a milestone to celebrate–one of several coming in rapid succession in the next few weeks.   Jenni turned in her thesis late last night.   It’s the winding down of five years of hard work and effort that this represents. Sure, she’s got one more part of this process […]

Phone Etiquette

I spend a lot of time on the phone. So I believe there are some basic rules that need to be followed when you’re on a phone call.   1) If you’re chewing gum, do it quietly. Don’t give me a full-on Flo (from the ’70s TV show “Alice”), chomping loudly like some sort of […]

Common Good?

So, the state legislature, in one of its many ham-handed moves this year, has managed to kill a Vikings stadium bill that Republicans, Democrats, the legislature, Governor, city, the Vikings and even, to some degree, Hennepin county agreed to.   But is that a bad thing? No, not entirely. But now begin the threats.   […]


A thousand pardons for blowing y’all off last night, but after working on our taxes for a couple of hours, my brain wasn’t up to spitting anything out except for numbers.   Yes, I admit it. I’m a procrastinator when it comes to taxes. Even when I’m reasonably certain we’ve got money coming back, I’ll […]

Ages Ago, Today

I’m sure all of us have experienced something like this: you’re going through your daily life, end up doing something somewhat out of the norm, and suddenly you’re hit by the memory of something from your distant past that you’ve forgotten about until now.   I had that today.   Jenni’s a sucker for books, […]