Weekend Reviews

Sunday was, for a bright and shining moment earlier in the week, a rare free day, unencumbered by any plans, as it seems we have more of those than we don’t these days.


But we quickly fixed that.


My grandfather was hit with pneumonia earlier in the week and obviously wasn’t feeling well. But visits from family are the best prescription for him right now, so I packed my crew into the van and headed south to spend a few hours with him.


We picked him up from his place, went to lunch at a Japanese flash-n-slash joint, spent some time checking out fossils at a nature center, then just hung out for a while, sharing news from our lives with him…All well worth the drive down and back.


My kids adore seeing their great-grandfather. And I think they now have come to realize how lucky they are to still have one left. Of course, I’m pretty lucky too…


The rest of the weekend offered more time with family, and two movies: Hugo and The Hunger Games.


I will enthusiastically recommend Hugo, which one five Oscars, and won Martin Scorsese a Golden Globe for Best Director. I will disagree with the characterization of the movie as a children’s film–because it really is a movie for all ages. What’s amazing about it is that for so much of the movie, it’s a movie about an orphaned boy who is simply trying to cling to the memory of his father. But it really does turn out to be a big love letter to movies and movie history.


It’s visually amazing to watch, very well acted, and really is one of the most perfectly made movies I’ve seen in a very long time.


The Hunger Games is a movie based on the first of a trilogy of young adult books which my entire family has read. I’m reading the first book now, but here’s the gist: after an attempted revolution in Panem, formerly America, the 12 districts in the country are forced to offer up one teenaged boy and girl to a kind of battle royale, televised for the entire country. The winner is the last one alive, and they and their district enjoy better treatment than the rest of the country for a year.


I will not gush over this one–it was good, but not great. But too busy keeping up a pace that I think it completely ignored a lot of character development that I thought helped make the book pretty good. Well, that and the fact that the movie really needs to budget for a tripod in the sequel.


All that being said, Jenni and the kids loved the movie. Yet again, our movie tastes clash.


It was a great weekend, though. Tiring, but a lot of fun. Hope you had a good weekend too.


See you tomorrow.