Work, like Winter, is letting up this week.


Though I suppose this is a bad analogy simply because of the fact that Winter this year was nearly non-existent–apparently it got the invite to our neck of the woods but decided to just take the year off and save the expense of travel. You know how that goes.


It got up to 70-something degrees today around here, some ten degrees above the record high and more heat on the way. But you still walk outside and by the smell know that it isn’t Spring yet–it doesn’t smell right. And while you can pretty much assume that Spring is here to stay, you can’t be sure, because this is, indeed, still March in Minnesota. So a 30 degree day with heavy, wet snow is still possible.


But as I said, work changes gears on me starting tomorrow. Instead of being on the phones all day, every day, I get to start handling e-mailed tickets tomorrow. Well, truth be told, our pod gets the rotating honor of handling the e-mailed tickets for two weeks starting tomorrow, so I’ll modify my normal operation and move from one routine to another–instead of answering calls, I get to make them…And route tickets to the correct group…And assign them to people…


Oh, it’s as exciting and as fresh as the weather–something vastly different from what has gone on during the past few months. But it really isn’t that different: it’s not necessarily easier; certainly not better, but not worse, either. It’s just something else.


They’re still issues coming in. They just get handled differently. Just like a 70 degree temperature in March is different.


What’s the saying about the only constant in life? Ah yes. Change. But then they said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’ll go with a reprieve, then.


See you tomorrow.