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A Milestone

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Just under five years ago, Jenni started on a long path that has taken her far out of her comfort zone, pushed her to the limit in some ways, and has probably taught her more than she ever thought she could know.


Just under five years ago, she started work on her master’s degree, and we made our first payment to school for her program.


Yesterday (Monday), we made our last payment. We made the last payment for  five years of schooling that saw us pay for over half of it out of our own pockets, with the other portion coming from a scholarship from church. To a degree, given so much of our history, that much is as remarkable as Jenni’s individual accomplishment.


But I’m so proud of Jenni for this–as I’ve learned, learning about religion or the Bible or church history is as complicated or more complicated than actually learning the lessons taught in the Bible or by the various religions or churches. And somehow, she’s absorbed so much of it, and can speak and write about it not only from her basis in the faith she’s always been so strong in, but also with that academic perspective.


I have no idea what I thought I was getting into five years ago. I don’t know that Jenni really knew either. But as she’s working on her thesis and the end is in sight, I know that neither of us probably expected the twists and turns that this adventure would bring.


Come May, she’ll have her sheepskin–irrefutable proof that she’s been taught much by some of the best teachers the Lutheran faith can offer.  She can, legitimately, put a couple of extra letters after her name. And then, hopefully, find the kind of job she really wants.


I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is just another step on the path that is life, but at the moment, it’s a huge one, and making that last payment is the first part of that last step. The rest of the step is Jenni’s to make–sure, I’m here to help where I can, but I’m in way over my head. But I know she’ll do great and come through with flying colors.


That last step. That last milestone. Then on to so many more…Who knows what they’ll be.


See you tomorrow.