Five Miles

The bad news is that I’m exhausted, even after the weekend. But the weekend was an hour short–taken by the fickle mistress that is “Daylight Saving Time,” and it won’t be given back until that magic weekend sometime in the fall when we get to live the 1 o’clock hour twice.


The good news, I suppose, is that the cause for that is that I walked about five miles on Sunday.


It’s a mixed blessing, actually. Some of the weekend was given over to the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary event at the Mall of America. This meant arriving at the mall–still technically closed to shoppers–at 9 a.m. on Sunday, meeting up with Hannah and Zoe’s troop, and then having them trek the mall in search of events and presentations and whatever else it was that they did. In the meantime, Patrick and I wandered the slumbering mall, waiting primarily for the Lego Store to open.


There were several occasions back when we couldn’t afford it, that Jenni and I would just go to the mall and walk around–every level, all the way around–just window shopping and enjoying each other’s company. Now, I’m older, more overweight, and with creakier joints that protest more and more at that much movement. But by the time we all left the mall around 2 p.m., my pedometer said that I’d gone almost five miles.


All in all, though, it was a very good weekend, even though it was so busy. We all had a great time, but in the end we’re all tired, or even exhausted. And only Patrick gets the luxury of catching up…He’s on spring break.


See you tomorrow.