Sneak Previews

Spring tried to give us a demo today.


It was around 55 degrees for a high, which seems disingenuous since there’s still some snow on the ground. Tomorrow won’t be that warm, nor will the day after that. But for just this one day, we could soak it in for a bit.


Oh, I know: Spring is close, and this is just proof that it’s closer than we can imagine. The long warm winter is fading away. But today wasn’t completely spring-like. I walked out of the building after work, and it didn’t have that smell–you know the one, the smell of spring. It’s that smell of grass starting to grow again, plants starting to bud. Today didn’t have that. It just smelled wet and warm.


It made me realize that I actually am anxious for spring to come, mostly because winter has been so worthless. And grey. And so un-winter like.


I have great hopes for spring.


See you tomorrow.