A Fine Line

I try, when dealing with customer service people, to treat them with respect and understanding, because I know all too well that they have rules to adhere to, want to do a good job both for their customer and for their company, and, perhaps, are one call away from snapping.   That’s part of why […]

Short But Busy

I’ve got the luxury of a 4-day work week this week, thanks to the fact that the girls start Spring Break on Friday, so I’m taking some time off to “watch” them.   So tomorrow is my last day of work for the week, and, unfortunately, the last day handling e-mailed tickets for a while. […]

Weekend Reviews

Sunday was, for a bright and shining moment earlier in the week, a rare free day, unencumbered by any plans, as it seems we have more of those than we don’t these days.   But we quickly fixed that.   My grandfather was hit with pneumonia earlier in the week and obviously wasn’t feeling well. […]

A Political Cautionary Tale

Perhaps this should be titled “Be careful what you wish for” instead.   The Republicans tied themselves to the Tea Party agenda three years ago, agreeing, at least in principal, with the ideals that those people supported: smaller government, especially smaller federal government, less intrusion in state and local affairs, and less intrusion in personal […]

Things You Can’t Make Up

In a day in politics where the headline turned out to be the product name Etch-A-Sketch, and the weather continues to be warmer and more unusual than ever before, it seems fitting that we take a look at some of the strange things going on in the world.   From work, I bring you another […]

Doesn’t Anyone Think Anymore?

I’m afraid that I already know the answer to this question, but I’ll ask it anyway, especially of those more seasoned souls among the readers here: Has humanity gotten more stupid, or have we always been this clueless?   One thing that I’m discovering by handling e-mailed requests is that people don’t think things through. […]

Hi! Who are you?

Tip for dealing with computer techs: try to remember our names.   Since I’m on e-mail for the next couple of weeks at work, I get to call people back instead of having them call me. This works to my advantage, because if I really don’t feel like working with someone, I can see if […]


Work, like Winter, is letting up this week.   Though I suppose this is a bad analogy simply because of the fact that Winter this year was nearly non-existent–apparently it got the invite to our neck of the woods but decided to just take the year off and save the expense of travel. You know […]

A Milestone

Just under five years ago, Jenni started on a long path that has taken her far out of her comfort zone, pushed her to the limit in some ways, and has probably taught her more than she ever thought she could know.   Just under five years ago, she started work on her master’s degree, […]

Five Miles

The bad news is that I’m exhausted, even after the weekend. But the weekend was an hour short–taken by the fickle mistress that is “Daylight Saving Time,” and it won’t be given back until that magic weekend sometime in the fall when we get to live the 1 o’clock hour twice.   The good news, […]