Where Art Winter?

It’s February. And it’s raining. Even my kids know it’s not normally supposed to be raining right now.


This is, was, or might have been “the storm.” Or it has been at different times. Once, it was lots of snow, then just a nuisance, then this sloppy mix.


Schools have been closed in some parts of the state. Heck, some people were chosen by the powers that be at work to work from home tomorrow morning, just in case. But not me. I’ll be expected to be there unless things are completely impassable and the company shuts down in the Twin Cities.


What does it say when even all three of my kids have said today that they just wish there would be some snow this winter? No, I don’t really want a big storm, just because it means lots of work to be done and stresses that aren’t already there. But heck, replace that snowstorm with rain or freezing rain, and suddenly it’s just a pain in the ass and I want the snowstorm back.


Oh well, I’ll head to bed and let the storm swirl around us outside, and wake up to see what the situation is.


Wish us all luck.


See you tomorrow.