It’s Ash Wednesday–the beginning of Lent. And in Lathropworld, that means, for the second straight year, we’re giving up technology on Sundays.


That’s right: no internet, no cable, no movies, no Netflix, no games on the cell phone, no laptop. And yes, it’s hard. Very hard. Or at least it is for a geek like me.


I said it last year, too: Sunday is usually given over as my day to do laundry, maybe bake some bread, and relax to a movie or some such on the computer. So I’m apparently approaching this Lenten period with the same apprehension that I went into last year’s with.


Somehow, I made it through last year reasonably unscathed. I ought to make it through this year’s fairly well, too. But I’ll miss it so…


I know. The pain–such as it is–is the point. Okay, fine. Can’t I just go off of clothes or bread for a day? No? Oh well.


See you tomorrow.



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