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Under the Blanket

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For at least five days, the TV blowcombs had been hopping up and down, warning the populace as best they could.


Storm’s a-brewin’. Best prepare for it, y’all, er else.


Last night’s 3-inch deluge is what passes for a storm this winter, laying down a thick, heavy blanket on everything, but with temperatures today that will likely whittle that blanket down to a sheet by evening.


But rest assured, oh northern denizens, that on yonder western horizon another tempest swells, and another after that, and we are sure to be fully encapsulated by the winter precipitation by the sunset of our week-end.


Mmm hmm. Okay. It was pointed out several times this morning on the TV news that this qualified as the third largest snowstorm of the season, which by any measure makes the season sound horribly pathetic. Even if you dislike snow, this winter has been an unqualified bust because the entire season has been warm, grey, and boring. And who likes that?


Ah, but yes, they’re starting to play up a coming weekend storm, which has the potential–amazing weather word, that, “potential,” as if we’re expecting it to live up to some unspoken expectation–of dropping twice the amount contained in last night’s storm. Last night’s storm began getting hyped as a half-footer as early as last Thursday, and then over the weekend, they backed off and declared it would be rain and maybe an inch. Then Monday, as if their previously cloudy crystal ball (get it? It’s a pun!) suddenly cleared, they had a firm idea of what we’d get. I’d heard 2-3 inches most of the day yesterday.


So the outlook for this weekend storm is hazy, perhaps…Or would that be unclear? Six inches could easily become two feet. Or a tropical beach. It’s hard to say. I guess I’ll wait until Friday to get the definitive word. But by then, it’ll be on our doorstep.


The problem is that it may get in the way of the weekend plans of several of us here in Lathropworld. Jenni and the kids will be participating in the 30 hour famine–a fundraiser and awareness raiser for the plight of the malnourished around the world. But I guess the good news there is that they’ll be ensconced in the confines of a church for that time. I’ll be at home, assuming the fetal position with my cat…Or lounging in the front yard…Whichever comes.


But I’ll confess: as I drove through the slop to work this morning, I found myself musing over the garden as I want to recraft it. March is closer than you think. Spring is coming sometime soon…


See you tomorrow.