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Miss me?

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Did you even notice I was gone for a week? Actually more than a week, but I kind of forgot I’d said I’d be back last night. As it was, I crashed and was in bed shortly after 9, so it probably wouldn’t have been much.


Not too much to report from Lathropworld. It’s cookie season again, so the living room has been given over to warehouse our initial collection of 28 cases of Girl Scout Cookies. Sales are going OK, but Jenni and I are trying to stay fairly hands-off when it comes to the sales, letting the girls take the lead and get it done wherever possible. So I’ll go as far as giving this plug: “get yer cookies here.” For those who haven’t ordered…Or have and want more, just let us know what you’d like.


Patrick got the opportunity during the week to serve a much…um…higher calling. He was one of our church representatives at the ELCA Minneapolis Synod Assembly. The big part of their task over two days was to elect a new bishop, and while that didn’t seem to be the highlight for Patrick, he did truly enjoy the event: meeting people–especially youth from other churches in the area–and experiencing something so big and important.


Jenni’s focusing on her thesis: the crowning achievement to her long trek down this road. There’s a part of me that wants to step in, Superman-like, and deflect all of the obvious questions that come from everyone–you know, the “what’s next” questions–because that’s still just over the horizon. Right now, everything is the thesis, and I admire her focus and hard work on it, because, quite honestly, I would have been a basket case long ago if I were in her shoes.


And me? What did I do with that week away from the nightly exercise of telling you what I’m thinking and doing?


I’ve been trying to spend at least a little time every day on “the story,” the one that I think would be fairly easy to write and yet be fairly easy to sell. In the process, I’ve made a discovery about what kind of writer I really am: I can’t just slap together a story as I go. I need to have it outlined and blocked out, specific points to hit along the path, so that all I have to do is fill in the interceding blanks. And how did I discover this? After a lengthy first chapter of the story, I realized I had no idea where to start or where to go with the second chapter. So I’m refocusing on producing a thin outline, making sure to give myself the subplots and things that need to be hit upon to make the story interesting and entertaining.


Okay, I did more than that, but that’s one of the highlights, and the only one I’ll share here for now. I need to save something else for later this week.


Thanks for coming back to catch up. I appreciate it.


See you tomorrow.