Jenni and I had a rare outing sans kids last night (Tuesday).


It seems that the alumni/ae (their term, trust me) council of Luther likes to have this annual event to reach out to this year’s graduates to begin the relationship with the grads of the school. I’d fully expected to be pitched some line on future support of the seminary, but no, no such presentation was made. It truly was to just make connections and talk and enjoy a great meal.


It was at Muffaletta’s, on Como near the school. For those who haven’t been, it’s wedged into what basically is a house–though it really appears to be a well-crafted, older, smallish shopping and apartment complex. The food has always been outstanding: sort of a semi-upscale, relaxed, local, bistro-type stuff. Sandwiches for lunches, sure, but with that classy touch: no Wonder bread here.


Jenni had the roast beef, I had the salmon wellington–wonderfully prepared, and a good reminder to me that I truly do love good salmon.


But to accompany the excellent meal was delightful conversation, which, I’ll admit here, I was not expecting. I was half expecting to be stuck on a wall or in a corner with a few other graduating students, listening to what they’re hoping their call will be, conversations about the “good” and “bad” professors, wasting time on my phone, and then, of course, the pitch for cash from the school.


But instead, we sat next to someone Jenni has worked with at the school (and who actually organized the dinner), who’s in the Seminary Relations office, and an alumni who is currently a pastor at a church somewhere about 10 miles north of Sioux Falls.


The conversation ranged all over the map, from computers and my job, to the work Jenni does in the Communications office at Luther, to Larry Millett, and Sioux Falls, and the Danube river, the Wabasha Street caves, and James J. Hill. Two hours flew by without incident or concern.


Oh yes, we talked about where the pastor served near Sioux Falls: at some very old congregation with a newer church building attached to a very old one right off of Interstate 29 just about 10 miles north of town. She knew well my family’s stomping grounds: Dell Rapids and obviously Sioux Falls, so we talked some about them and my family’s relationship to the town.


So it turned out to be a fantastic, if not tiring evening. I’m sure that at some point, we’ll be asked for money for the school, but it seems like that will come much, much later.


See you tomorrow.



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