Where Art Winter?

It’s February. And it’s raining. Even my kids know it’s not normally supposed to be raining right now.   This is, was, or might have been “the storm.” Or it has been at different times. Once, it was lots of snow, then just a nuisance, then this sloppy mix.   Schools have been closed in … Read moreWhere Art Winter?


It’s Ash Wednesday–the beginning of Lent. And in Lathropworld, that means, for the second straight year, we’re giving up technology on Sundays.   That’s right: no internet, no cable, no movies, no Netflix, no games on the cell phone, no laptop. And yes, it’s hard. Very hard. Or at least it is for a geek … Read moreFast

Under the Blanket

For at least five days, the TV blowcombs had been hopping up and down, warning the populace as best they could.   Storm’s a-brewin’. Best prepare for it, y’all, er else.   Last night’s 3-inch deluge is what passes for a storm this winter, laying down a thick, heavy blanket on everything, but with temperatures … Read moreUnder the Blanket

Miss me?

Did you even notice I was gone for a week? Actually more than a week, but I kind of forgot I’d said I’d be back last night. As it was, I crashed and was in bed shortly after 9, so it probably wouldn’t have been much.   Not too much to report from Lathropworld. It’s … Read moreMiss me?


Well, kids, I suppose this had to happen sooner or later.   I’m struggling a bit with blogging, and generally I’m just feeling a bit worn out. So I’ve decided to take a week off: refresh, retool, rethink. And hopefully I’ll be back in a week up to speed and feeling fine.   Maybe it’s … Read moreAnnouncements


For the uninitiated, the call starts like this: after I do my standard greeting, I ask for the user’s username. Then the voice on the other end says “I have a relay call. Have you been on a relay call before?”   I’ll be honest: I think I already knew who I’d be working with … Read moreDisco


“Be prepared.” That’s part of the scout motto. And as much as I love my son, he is still a teenager, who procrastinates on everything.   Today was Scout Sunday at church. Patrick was to wear his entire uniform and acolyte. It wasn’t until last night when he started working on moving patches over from … Read morePreparedness

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