Things Change

My life seems to be kind of like the weather: if you don’t like it right now, just hand around for a bit and it will change.   The cat is making a remarkable recovery, and it really does seem like this abscess had been the primary health problem that had been affecting her for […]


Well, we’ve got a diagnosis: Parvovirus.   Or, that is to say, Jenni’s got a diagnosis, though unconfirmed. They drained some blood for testing and will let her know, but the symptoms certainly add up.   That’s the good news: she knows what it is, and knows that it isn’t really bad. In fact, it’s […]


Have you ever had that feeling? That everything’s wrong–just not right or normal? Just turned a quarter turn from the way it should be?   Life in the compound is just that right now: Jenni’s sick or suffering from some allergic reaction that’s had her achy, stiff, and not feeling well for about 5 days […]

There’s a Hole In My Cat

This weekend, I spent a sum total of five-and-a-half hours at a pet hospital. My cat developed a hole in her side that I needed to get fixed.   The short story is this: Pippin, who is three months shy of being 21 years old, developed an abscess on her side. It had been there […]

Never Question

“I already did that.”   For those not in my line of business, this is a cautionary tale about not telling the tech who is actively working on fixing a problem on your computer that you’ve already done something. Because in the end, you either did it wrong, or something else was broken, making it […]


This week at work is always the busiest week of the year. And why is that? Because people can’t remember anything.   It has always confused me a bit, that people can take a few days off and then get back to work and completely forget their passwords. It’s befuddling to me, because let’s face […]


Reality is slapping me in the face today. After just over two weeks off, I have to go back to work tomorrow, the kids have to back to school, and even Jenni gets back to her usual schedule, though her usual has Tuesdays off work, so she’s still home.   It’s been a very good […]

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