It was announced this evening that Hannah has a boyfriend. Now, outside of the fact that when asked, she said she had no idea what that means, and the fact that this apparently was declared by someone outside of Hannah or the boyfriend in question, it suddenly hit me in that way apparently that only fathers can be hit by the claim of relationship status by their daughter.


I’m thinking that this is all just harmless fun, and it probably is, beyond the necessity of Jenni talking to her about what having a boyfriend means.


I remember that my sister, with her big brown eyes and shy but bubbly personality, was a magnet for boys even back to Kindergarten. It seemed that she almost always had a boyfriend. In fact, at a birthday party, two or more of them got into a fight over her.


In the meantime, I hope that we won’t have any fights between any of the girls’ boyfriends…Just the teen years to survive.


See you tomorrow.