On Stage

It is amazing how far my daughters have come.


A mere two years ago, they were just starting out on their respective instruments–Hannah on the flute, and Zoe on the clarinet. It was tough, as learning an instrument always is, and there was a time when Hannah declared she didn’t want to play the flute anymore because it was too hard.


But both persevered. And both have moved on to a new school, with a new music teacher and a new band. Their first concert with that new band at their new school was tonight, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.


They both looked like they were enjoying themselves, which really is more than half the battle–if they’re having fun playing their instrument, then they’re more likely to keep doing it. And their teacher, like the last one at their old school, seems to be very good at what he does.


It’s astounding, though, some of the differences between this year and last, though I can’t say that one was substantially better than the other, because each teacher has had to work with what they have. This band is easily twice and maybe two-and-a-half times the size of the band at the downtown school. But like the previous bands, they have that polish and as much finesse as a sixth grade band can have.


We’ve been through this development before: the sudden, rapid explosion of a group of kids from a beginning band to what most would consider to be a “real” band–sounding like what you expect from a school band. Last year was the start of it for the girls. This year jumped forward by so much, and I have to say that was probably largely because of the larger group.


It’s got to be exciting for them to play in a band like that. I don’t know how things sound when you’re in the middle of it–maybe it’s just a mess–but I’ll have to play it for them so they can see how good they sounded.


I’ll try to get some footage of the show up sometime soon for those who couldn’t make it.


See you tomorrow.