The kids and I ran our errands early today, or at least right after they got back from the youth time at church. I don’t know how long the freezing drizzle had been happening, but while it wasn’t icing up the streets or sidewalks yet, enough of the stuff was going to pose a problem.


When I put my Netflix movies in the mailbox tonight, I tried out the front step: not really slick yet, but it was kind of that greasy, difficult to figure out slippery. The good news is that if (oh, how this would be nice, really) work and school were called off in the morning due to difficult roads, one of our errands was to Costco, so we’re loaded up with food for a while.


Not much to report to you all from here. With the exception of my nephew’s birthday on Saturday afternoon, the weekend was pretty normal for a change. Not to say last weekend’s long weekend was not welcome, but it is kind of nice to get back to the normal routine, schedule, and flow.


I didn’t watch much of the football games today: just no real interest in any of the teams involved. The Giants and New England have been there almost constantly for the last few years…Or at least it feels that way. And outside of their value as underdogs, Baltimore and San Francisco hold absolutely none of my attention. So I had it on in the background in the kitchen. And only for a little while, actually actively watched it downstairs.


I did get in two movies this weekend, Megamind as part of our traditional Friday night family night, and Take the Money And Run, one of Woody Allen’s older works. I actually really liked both, even though they were pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum. At least they both were comedies…


But the laundry is finishing up, I’ve watched two movies this weekend (I know, quite an accomplishment!), the dishes are actually finishing up before the morning, and I’m heading to bed. We’ll see what awaits weather-wise in the morning. I’m hoping I can just return to my slumber, but I’m not counting on that much…


See you tomorrow.