Honestly, I think the car and I made the same sound when we each had to get going this morning–kind of a slow whine that quickly escalated to a growl.


But we both got started and went about our day.


Like most short weeks, this one feels longer than it should. I don’t know why. But for some reason, time practically stopped at work yesterday afternoon. I swear that I looked at the clock on three different occasions and it said 2:20 each time.


I’m sure some of it is being chained to the phone at work now. It isn’t my ideal position, but it supports all of us and I’m accepting it until I figure out what my next step is.


I’m amazed, though, at the calls that come in and I was able to avoid for four years. I had someone tell me today that she couldn’t remember her password and couldn’t log in, but she couldn’t tell me what she couldn’t log in to.


Maybe it’s the cold, making people stupid. Or maybe they had a hard time starting today, too.


See you tomorrow.