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The Feline Front

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It seems that everyone who has been suffering with some malady or other is getting over it now. Jenni’s on the mend, as I mentioned yesterday. And the cat is much better now that she’s past the scare she put into me last weekend.


It’s been over a week now since the cat decided to have her abscess rupture. The vet took it all out, along with some necrotic tissue, and a substantial amount of money from our bank account. Since then, the cat has been healing and eating healthily. Though she was extremely annoyed by the cone, even though it was soft and floppy and would fold back easily. You see, the cone never let her sleep well, or she made it appear that way. I could watch her practically falling asleep on her feet because she didn’t like laying down with it on.


So on Friday, I pulled it off, confident that she wouldn’t be able to reach her side, let alone the wound, because she hadn’t been doing a very good job at cleaning herself lately. But on Saturday morning, as I was getting the kids ready to go to my grandfather’s birthday party, I heard the cat almost screaming, which was alarming for two reasons: it was a cry of pain, and second, I didn’t want her waking Jenni up.


I discovered that she’s gotten to her bandage, and, having gotten that off, was going after some laces that had been tied in with sutures and were holding down the bandage. Every time she’d grab it and pull, it would tug on the stitches, and she’d scream. But she wanted it off.


I got the laces off, but didn’t have time to get the sutures out (but the vet had told me earlier that I could probably take them out on my own as long as the wound wasn’t still open). So for the day, I put the cone back on. After we got back from the party, I took the sutures out and released Pippin from the cone.


Honestly, it’s the best I think she’s felt in months: she’s eating very well, jumping better the last couple of days, and resting very comfortably. So now, the only sign that something was wrong is the remnants of the wound on her side, and the big shaved spot.


Here’s hoping that’s the last of our health concerns for a while. It’s enough to deal with day-to-day life, thank you.


See you tomorrow.