Things Change

My life seems to be kind of like the weather: if you don’t like it right now, just hand around for a bit and it will change.


The cat is making a remarkable recovery, and it really does seem like this abscess had been the primary health problem that had been affecting her for quite some time. She’s eating very well, gaining some strength, and seems pretty content. Not bad considering there was a period of a couple of hours on Saturday when I was pretty sure she wouldn’t survive the weekend.


Jenni, too, is on the mend. She’s not walking as stiffly as she had been the last few days, and she proudly showed off her un-swollen hands to me earlier this evening. I know she still isn’t back to normal, but I think just in the last day or so, she’s come back far enough where things aren’t nearly as horrible as they had been. Thanks for all of your concern and love. I know I appreciate it, and I’m sure Jenni does too.


I’m hoping to have some good news on another front soon, perhaps in the next post, but I won’t go further than that. Just keep your fingers crossed.


Even the weather is following its own folklore: it was 53 degrees here on Tuesday, and this morning, after standing outside for 15 minutes in the 13 degree morning, one of the girls told me she “couldn’t feel her face.” But we still don’t have any snow, so Winter is still hopelessly incomplete. But rest assured, the wags on TV have told us, it will warm back up this weekend, and there might be a substantial snowstorm next week. Which means we’ll get flurries and 38 one day.


Oh, and fortunately, the girls bus came about 5 minutes after the sad statement about her face.


Here’s to continued, progressive change.


See you tomorrow.



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