Have you ever had that feeling? That everything’s wrong–just not right or normal? Just turned a quarter turn from the way it should be?


Life in the compound is just that right now: Jenni’s sick or suffering from some allergic reaction that’s had her achy, stiff, and not feeling well for about 5 days now, so she’s finally getting into the doctor tomorrow. Then there’s been the episode with the cat, and as long as she’s got the dressing on the wound, the shaved spot around it, and the cone on her head, she’s not normal. And then our schedule is back to full speed, it seems. The respite from the daily events that the holiday break brought is long gone, and meetings, scouts, and the other “things” to do are back to being the norm–there’s something going on every night this week except for Friday, and on both days this weekend.


And for whatever reason, it all is just hitting me square on and kind of taking it out of me.


I know. I know. “This too shall pass.” “Things will get better.” It’s always easy to say. But from the depths of it all, you always just have to question everything, because deep down, I really hate this feeling. I want my normal back and everyone to be feeling well and back to their normal.


Aw hell, this all just sounds like whining, talking about how much I hate what’s going on. And I know Jenni will agree that she hates how she’s feeling. And I’m reasonably certain the cat isn’t entirely thrilled with her situation, though I do know she’s feeling much better than she has in weeks. But the fact remains that I hate sounding like this. Sure, it all sucks, but I just need to push through it and take care of what I can and make everyone comfortable and happy as I’m able.


So I’ll head to bed. Wake up to a new day tomorrow, hope it’s better than the last and hope that each day after just keeps looking up.


See you tomorrow.