I’ve never been good at goals–either forming them or pursuing them. I do, however, excel at dreams, which should be just an easy step away from transforming into goals. But since I’m not good at one, I’m just a good dreamer.   I’ve always lived my life as a reactionary. As much as I like […]

With Friends Like This…

As I frequently do on Saturdays, I was listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me on NPR. The show, for the uninitiated, is a weekly “news quiz,” involving a panel made up usually of comedians, famous guests who play a game called “Not My Job,” and people who call in for a chance to win the only […]


It was announced this evening that Hannah has a boyfriend. Now, outside of the fact that when asked, she said she had no idea what that means, and the fact that this apparently was declared by someone outside of Hannah or the boyfriend in question, it suddenly hit me in that way apparently that only […]

On Stage

It is amazing how far my daughters have come.   A mere two years ago, they were just starting out on their respective instruments–Hannah on the flute, and Zoe on the clarinet. It was tough, as learning an instrument always is, and there was a time when Hannah declared she didn’t want to play the […]


Hello. My name is Paul and I’m a Costco-holic. Or maybe not. I mean, if it means you aren’t one if you really find it to be a practical thing to have in your life, then maybe I’m not. But I do kind of obsess over the whole money savings thing, so maybe I am. […]


The kids and I ran our errands early today, or at least right after they got back from the youth time at church. I don’t know how long the freezing drizzle had been happening, but while it wasn’t icing up the streets or sidewalks yet, enough of the stuff was going to pose a problem. […]


Honestly, I think the car and I made the same sound when we each had to get going this morning–kind of a slow whine that quickly escalated to a growl.   But we both got started and went about our day.   Like most short weeks, this one feels longer than it should. I don’t […]

Comin’ Up Empty

Nope. I have no idea what to write about. Oh sure, there are topics out there, but do I really want to tackle them?   Mitt Romney paying at a 15% income tax rate? Was anyone surprised by this, really? I’m sorry, but I think it’s been proven over and over again that the more money […]

The Feline Front

It seems that everyone who has been suffering with some malady or other is getting over it now. Jenni’s on the mend, as I mentioned yesterday. And the cat is much better now that she’s past the scare she put into me last weekend.   It’s been over a week now since the cat decided […]

90 and More

So Jenni’s still recovering. Getting better, but it’s slow–much slower than I know she’d like, but she’s making progress. We got confirmation Friday that she does indeed have parvovirus, which helps only to the extent that we now know what she has. But the treatment continues to be absolutely nothing–let it run its course, and in […]