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Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Somehow, in the arbitrary setting of our calendar, days, weeks, months, and years were created. Sure, it relates back to the relative position of the sun and Earth, but we humans use that position and the calendar it created as a unique opportunity to take stock of our lives and resolve to be better or different for the next trip around the sun.


I don’t know whether to say 2011 was a good year or a bad year. Honestly, I’ve had much worse years, and I think I’ve had better years–or certainly more memorable.


Part of it is measuring in how good the year was for friends and family and how that weighed in my life.


If really, the worst thing for 2011 I could come up with is the changes at work, then I’ve had a very good year. The kids all have been healthy, happy, productive, are doing well at school, and are still pretty well adjusted, regardless of how hard I try as a parent to screw that up. Jenni’s year has been good, I think: she’s in the home stretch on her Master’s degree, and has been working very hard between that and the jobs she’s working at the same time. We’re not wealthy, but we’re able to live a comfortable life with more amenities than some can afford.


The five of us here in Lathropworld are heading into 2012 in good shape. So I’m happy and thankful for that.


There are others who didn’t have a very good year, and they deserve our thoughts and prayers: those mourning the loss of someone close, those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a job, and those for whom the last year and probably even the coming year represents nothing but upheaval in their lives. I wish all of you the best and want you all to remember that the five of us are here for you, as you were there for us when we had our own difficult years.


Sunday is really just another day, just like every other day before and after it. But because of our calendar, it’s a new day, a new month, and a new year, and that makes it special.


Happy New Year, everyone!


See you next year.