Last year, we gave the kids a gift that they loved so much that we did it again this year: $50 to spend any way they want at the Mall of America. And as part of the deal, we’d have lunch out there, too.


If you know my kids, you know that there is much internal deliberation when it comes to deciding what to get. The where-to-go part of it is easily solved: the American Girl store and Claire’s for the girls, and the Lego store and Marbles for Patrick.


But what’s fun is to see them actually do the shopping. Hannah was prepared. She’d found what she wanted in the catalog they get in the mail and just needed help finding the item. Zoe was unsure and needed time to cruise the store, then more of the mall, and then back to the store to find the right item.


Patrick, on the other hand, spent the better part of 30 minutes going over every last inch of the Lego store to see what he could get. Sure, he had ideas, but I think he goes into situations like this thinking that he might see something that he hadn’t taken into account yet–almost as if he didn’t know what sets Lego has out there…(not likely).


We all had a good time out there, walking (a lot), shopping (quite a bit), eating lunch (a nice 45 minutes off of our feet). We had the kids cousin Hayden in tow, and if anything, he adores the girls, so was their nearly constant companion for the whole time.


And, I’m proud to report: I didn’t really get angry and upset as I usually do at the mall…I am not a fan of the place, really. Too many stupid people, too many stupid drivers, and too much noise going on at once. But I held it all in check today and just went with the flow, so really, it was pretty enjoyable.


Now we’ve got two days off to relax and enjoy the last few days away from work and school, and then the Christmas celebration with the Lathrop clan on Saturday: Chinese food! There’s the new tradition–or at least a break from the usual tradition.


See you tomorrow.

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  1. I think part of it with Patrick was that he was expecting the new sets to be released but they hadn’t been. How awesome is it that our son knows when LEGO sets are due to be released?

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