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It’s been years since I’ve spent the whole day taking calls at work. And I guess while I didn’t really take calls all day today, it was what my new routine will be, at least for a while.


I haven’t needed to log a ticket on the fly in ages, so that’s taking a while to pick back up, especially since we’ve changed to a different ticketing system since I was last taking calls. So everything that I’m looking for to create, enter, and route tickets is different than it used to be. It’s kind of like cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen: you know you can do it, but nothing is where it “should” be.


And all day, I was getting IMs from other techs asking questions about how to handle their issues. So if anything, I’ve gotten busier now that roles have changed…We’ll see how things shake out.


Meanwhile, it was a dark grey day outside. Every time I stood up and looked across the room at the windows, it just looked murky and damp, which for December isn’t really a pleasant thing to see: there should be snow, maybe white clouds or sunny skies, and that look the air has when it’s cold. But none of that could be found today.


Hannah left for school this morning expressing concern that her snowman would fall over onto the snowdog in the front yard. By the time we got home tonight, the snowman was still standing, but his head had fallen on the dog. I’m sure there’s a deep metaphor in that, but I’m just not seeing it yet.


The lights on the house looked better last week, when there still was a couple of inches of snow on the ground. Now, while they’re still festive, they aren’t rimmed with the white of freshly fallen snow. It’s a little disappointing. The forecast holds out some hope for snow on Thursday–which would be good as long as things don’t get ugly Wednesday night when Jenni and I head out to see Les Miserables downtown. I, for one, do not also want to be a Miserable…Or is that Un Miserable?


It’s the start of truffle time, and Christmas cookie time…The truffles are a multi-step process that take maybe an hour or two a night over three nights. The cookies are a bit different, but I need to just figure out logistics there.


All of this just raises the question? Who’s the wise guy who made this time of year so busy and stressful? Isn’t it supposed to be about relaxing and calm and togetherness and all of that? Nah, let’s make dozens of Christmas cookies or candies and exchange them with friends and/or neighbors. And get the shopping done, and wrap the presents, and send out the cards, and work, and go to school…


Oh I know, once in the throes of celebration, all else becomes moot, faded away into the snow or grey outside like the melting ice. The build up is mere preparation for the big show: all else is the reward.


That’s why we do it, then…The reward that this time of year brings.


See you tomorrow.