The Move

Today was the day that I moved almost completely across the room at work. Ten months ago, I started out in this building next to a wall of windows, and today, I’m far from those windows and almost up against a wall.


C’est la vie.


It’s part of the change into “pods,” so I am now seated with my podmates, even though I’m not scheduled to actually work with them until next week.


Every move at work, though, makes me think sometimes about why I have some of the stuff I do have, and why I seem to have so much of it.


For instance, I’ve got three semi-obsolete desktop computers that I’m saving for two reasons: parts, and in case I need to use one of them because it’s got Windows XP on it.


I’ve got five keyboards and three mice. Because you never know when you’re going to need them.


I’ve got two old broken laptops that I’m keeping purely to use as spare parts.


I have two monitor stands. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Except that there have been one or two occasions in six years that I’ve needed them.


I have three laptop docking stations, more than enough desktop power cords, two sets of monitor cables, three copies of Windows 2000, and, just re-found today, disk 1 of a set of 3.5″ DOS 6 disks.


They’ve all moved with me from one building to another, and to two cubes since then. And now I’ve got an order in with facilities to move my cabinet containing those things to my new cube. I’ll see when they come to get that moved…


And things move on.


See you tomorrow.