Strung Up

I beat the snow by a mere hour, I think.


I’d been meaning to decorate the Lathropworld compound with lights this year, but I finally got going and made the run on Saturday to the hardware store to procure lights that actually worked. I went all high-tech and a little spendier than normal because I decided to get the LED versions, which, if you believe the publicity, suck much less power and will last that much longer.


So, armed with somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 lights, the kids and I worked to affix them to the house Saturday just before the first flakes flew. I managed to take mostly a supervisory role this year, pointing where things went, with Patrick taking the ladder duties, and the girls holding the strands.


And it was a good thing we finished when we did, too, because it made for a very attractive sight that evening, with big puffy snowflakes falling, and the lights putting that festive appearance on everything. It’s almost as if the weather was just holding off for me to get a plan in place and get it executed.


We also took the evening to put up the tree and decorate it. With a fire going in the fireplace and Christmas music filling the room, it was a wonderful family evening. We shared the stories of the ornaments, Jenni got out nearly her entire crèche, and the place now is falling into that category of looking like it’s ready for the holiday to come.


I don’t know why, but I’m looking forward to Christmas this year. Maybe it’s the two-plus weeks off work I’m getting around there. Or the time I’ll be spending with my family. Or the gatherings with the extended family. Or just the feel of that time of year–so excited and busy and full of anticipation and love.


I’m ready for the season. Now on to the shopping.


See you tomorrow.