Note that the title says Simming, not Slimming…I wish it were slimming, but it isn’t, and it’s probably not saying slimming because I might be spending too much time simming. Got it? No?   Tough.   This is me: Oh wait. Perhaps I should explain why I’m cooking in my underwear…Or that this is a … Read moreSimming


Last year, we gave the kids a gift that they loved so much that we did it again this year: $50 to spend any way they want at the Mall of America. And as part of the deal, we’d have lunch out there, too.   If you know my kids, you know that there is … Read moreMalling

Family Food

This time of year is given over to family gatherings, and for most people, it’s never just one gathering: it’s a multitude of visits, trips, meals, events, and celebrations.   We had our own Christmas celebration on Christmas eve, just the five of us, with our now traditional homemade pizza dinner as the culinary centerpiece. … Read moreFamily Food


Let me begin by saying that I adore my mother. And one thing about her that I love is that she appreciates the occasional fun at her expense and doesn’t take things too seriously. So I think she’ll take this with all of the humor intended.   I received an e-mail from my mom last … Read moreMessages

Pushing the limit

Yes, kids, I still have a little bit of shopping to do. Not a huge amount, mind you, but a few things here and there. But it’s probably no surprise that I’m one of “those people.”   There’s an advantage, though, to having these days off before Christmas: I was relatively unhindered in the stores … Read morePushing the limit

Kindergarten Lessons

I’ve got three kids. And, like a lot of kids, they don’t know how to share, like to fight (a lot), and can hold grudges like nobody’s business.   But the upside is that someday, they’ll grow up and with even my mediocre parenting skills, plus things they learned in Kindergarten about sharing, they’ll be … Read moreKindergarten Lessons


I have to admit to no small amount of joy at having over two weeks off.   I need a break. I need a change, to just do some of those things that I keep saying “when I have time.” Well, now I’ll have some time to do those things. At least until January 3rd. … Read moreBreaking


It’s been years since I’ve spent the whole day taking calls at work. And I guess while I didn’t really take calls all day today, it was what my new routine will be, at least for a while.   I haven’t needed to log a ticket on the fly in ages, so that’s taking a … Read moreBusy

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