Potential Presidentiality

I love this Republican race. Every time you think it’s getting boring, all you have to do is wait a little bit and everything changes.


The front runners have been changing just about every other week lately, for one reason or another. Romney faded a bit, Ron Paul charged, Herman Cain made a run for the top, and now Newt Gingrich has rediscovered his political mojo.


But why have each of them made the moves? Bad policy? A weak platform? Nope.


Herman Cain is now deeply involved in the personal problem defense–a standard for most politicians, where they get accused of an affair, sexual harassment, or some other impropriety. Of course, the first reaction of all candidates or politicians is to deny the accusations. Then there’s the pause, the gradual backpedaling, and then, in most cases, the admission that something happened.


What’s funnier is that Cain’s lawyer actually came out today and said that the press has no business investigating the sex life of a political figure…Where was this dude during the Clinton Administration?


And this week, I’ve discovered a web site to help support Ron Paul: The Official Pinups for Ron Paul site. Yes, my new favorite presidential candidate has groupies who have nearly bared all for the sake of his campaign. Check the site out simply because it’s amazing how many guns there are in the pictures…And I mean guns–real guns–and not something else.


Now if Herman Cain could just have had his accusers make a pin up calendar ages ago, he wouldn’t be having the problems he’s having now…


See you tomorrow.