Masked Man

So it’s been just over a week with the CPAP as my constant nighttime companion. I have to say that I think I’m sleeping more deeply and I’m waking up with fewer headaches. But I’m still getting used to the headgear.


That in itself was the longest and hardest part of my appoint to get the machine. The clinic had nine different choices for masks, from several models designed just to go over, on, or under the nose; to “full face” models, which sound much more intimidating than they really are.


It’s a mind-boggling process, trying to choose between them. I’d gone in wanting a face mask because the nose mask I’d had in the sleep study was pretty useless since I do breathe through my mouth at night. There were four different face masks to choose from, all with different fitting procedures and styles and sizes. One was too large on its own. The second had a T-shaped bar that went from the nose of the device up to the forehead and used leverage there to help keep it tightly on the face. The third was a maybe. And the fourth was actually reasonably comfortable.


It’s got a mask piece that only fits over my mouth, but then two little protuberances that fit to seal off my nose. The only problem so far is that sometimes in the middle of the night, I find myself having a constant slightly moist breeze blowing onto my eye (the CPAP also humidifies the air it blows into me) from one of the nasal tubes.


So far, I guess the machine is working: I’m snoring less, sleeping harder, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’ll find out for sure on my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks.


See you tomorrow.