Back to Reality

Those were four days that went by quickly. But I don’t quite know where to begin.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. But my extended family also lost one of my aunts. She had been sick for some time, but her rapid decline and death was a bit shocking and very sad. The hard part is that she was a distant aunt–distant purely in the geographical sense, as she and my uncle live in Pennsylvania. I haven’t seen them more than four or five times in the last 15 years, but we’ve closely followed her illness now for just over a year and I never really expected this. But sadly, we’ve seen this and lived through a similar situation ourselves, so my heart just aches for my uncle and my cousins. It didn’t help that it came on the first Thanksgiving without my grandmother.


I have to say that I love Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful holiday with great food, family, and ultimately, little pressure–no gifts are involved, and really all that’s expected is to cook, eat, and spend time with family and maybe friends.


Ours was a good time at my parents house: my kids always love spending time with my sister’s kids; my grandfather was anxious to see his family, so he and one of my uncles made the trip from Rochester. The food was outstanding, and we had a remarkable time talking, catching up, enjoying each other’s company.


And now Monday is on the doorstep to ruin that warm fuzzy feeling.


The rest of the weekend was spent resting, going to the new Muppets movie, and returning to the Sunday routine. No, we didn’t spend any time doing the holiday shopping thing–Black Friday shopping and I are guaranteed not to mix. I’d probably get all stabby on shoppers or something equally unflattering.


Well, the good news is that I’ve only got about 4 weeks of work left until I get two-plus weeks off. I’m looking forward to that.


See you tomorrow.