Blowin’ In the Wind

By the time most of you read this tomorrow, I’ll have been outfitted with my very own, shiny new CPAP machine.


Yes, the sleep doctor called me to deliver the results of my sleep study: I don’t stop breathing–at least for any period of time longer than a second or two–but I do have sleep apnea, and was registering as many as 70 events an hour. Which, I was told, was pretty bad. And that was on my side…Where most people have improved conditions.


Just like me to throw medical convention on its ear.


So tomorrow morning, I’ll go in for the appointment to get the machine. Apparently it’s adjusted for the scientifically calculated flow that is supposed to counter the events I have. I’ll be shown how to use it, clean it, play music with it, how to charm the hose like a snake…


In another month, I’ll have a follow up with a respiratory specialist. For what, I’m not entirely sure, but they told me that appointment had to be scheduled at the same time.


So tomorrow night, I’ll go to bed sounding like Darth Vader. We’ll see how well it works.


See you tomorrow.