Lights Out

When I got to work today, we had only a few lights on. Not a big deal, I thought, sometimes people turn them on or off. Besides, it’s sunny outside so it shouldn’t be a problem.


But quickly, I discovered the problem: There was some sort of electrical issue that our crack mechanical staff was working through in the building. Hence the problem with the lights. The outlets and such were fine for a couple of reasons: first, they are on a backup generator, but also, I guess that set of circuits wasn’t affected.


So for most of the day, the lights were off, occasionally blinking on for a few minutes at a time, but quickly going dark again. And as I said, it wasn’t a problem. It was sunny out, and we have a lot of windows in our area.


It did cause problems in some interior areas of the building: conference rooms, the kitchenette, and the bathroom, where I once nearly had to feel along a wall for the sink.


But then it became 3:30 and 4:00. The sun glared in directly into the windows at eye level. So shades were drawn. And darkness fell across the help desk. And as the sun set, the shades were reopened and it got darker and darker–our workspace lit with only a couple of the overhead lights that are connected in to different circuits, and by the monitors on our desks.


Until the lights came on. 10 minutes before I left. At least I could see my way out of there.


See you tomorrow. Or not, lights permitting.