Branching Out

We here in Lathropworld are a tech-focused bunch.


Everyone in the house has at least one computer–and for the most part, that computer isn’t a complete relic. All of us have at least one e-mail address. Two of us have websites and blogs. Three of us have Facebook pages. One of us manages more than just her Facebook page.


Oh yes, we’re heavily plugged in to the world. In fact, if utility service were to fail here and the internet were to go out, we’d probably notice that before the lack of electricity. But not heat. Jenni and the girls are chronically cold.


So I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who knows us, and to probably to people who are acquainted with us in passing, that we’re expanding our reach in cyberspace.


Twitter has been a little bit elusive to me, I’ll have to admit. I’ve had an account for a couple of years, and in that time, I’ve only managed a paltry 133 tweets. Now that I think about it, I should have tweeted during my sleep study, just to see how that screwed with the results. But you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard, coming up with 140 characters to simply pass on a message, or comment on something you thought of or saw or heard at that moment. Sure, there are people who have turned their tweets into a running commentary of their lives, but there are many, many others who have made it an art form. So for the last couple of years I’ve had an account, I’m mainly used @Lathropworld as a means to get news and information quickly and instantly without having to dive through piles of websites.


So I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with Twitter. Jenni got on and embraced it completely and is truly remarkable in what she tweets, retweets, and the like. Of course, she also manages the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Luther Seminary, so she’d better be good at it, I guess. But I do admire what she does there and on Facebook because it isn’t over the top or stupid or irrelevant. It’s smart, and interesting, and funny.


Well, on Friday, she convinced Patrick to jump into the Twitter pool. So y’all can follow his feed. Even if you don’t have an account, you can still hit the link back there and see what he posts. I think he’d be great at this, because he’s incredibly creative, and the stuff that pops up in his brain is mesmerizing, and I think he’d be well served to share some of that with the world…So I’m trying to convince him to do that, and to set up his account to take tweets by text from his phone. (If you want to help the cause, just mention this to him, too…He’d love to have the encouragement.)


Not to be outdone, and having been searching for a while to be a bit more creative in my internet presence, I finally fleshed out my broader plan for using the Twitter to tweet and twit. So the @Lathropworld account will be my primary personal account, but two others, more anonymous (yes, I realize mentioning here that I’m setting them up makes them less than anonymous) are coming: @WiseThingsISay and @UnderRuled. @WiseThingsISay is destined to be a place where I can just post random stuff, mostly oddball thoughts and funny stuff. @UnderRuled will be my political forum.


Oh, and I set up one more site for you to check out. I have the goal to take more pictures (and maybe even recipes) of things I cook. So I set up a Tumblr page (kind of an odd combo of blogging and Twitter–short and easy, but more flexible than Twitter).


I know, I don’t have much of anything (or nothing at all) up at any of those pages, but that’s coming, trust me. Just keep checking. (By the way, I’ve added the Twitter feeds to the sidebar over there on the right).


So sign on to Twitter! Get your own account if you don’t have one! Tweet back to us, retweet us and follow us (really! We’re lonely and pathetic that way…). Of course, if any of that really made no sense to you, maybe it wouldn’t be the best thing for you. Or you could just drop in on those links once in a while to see what we’re all up to.


Thanks for paying attention.


See you tomorrow.



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