Potential Presidentiality

I love this Republican race. Every time you think it’s getting boring, all you have to do is wait a little bit and everything changes.   The front runners have been changing just about every other week lately, for one reason or another. Romney faded a bit, Ron Paul charged, Herman Cain made a run […]

Masked Man

So it’s been just over a week with the CPAP as my constant nighttime companion. I have to say that I think I’m sleeping more deeply and I’m waking up with fewer headaches. But I’m still getting used to the headgear.   That in itself was the longest and hardest part of my appoint to […]

Back to Reality

Those were four days that went by quickly. But I don’t quite know where to begin.   We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. But my extended family also lost one of my aunts. She had been sick for some time, but her rapid decline and death was a bit shocking and very sad. The hard part […]


Tomorrow, we’re tucking in to what is sure to be a magnificent meal at my parents’ condo. It will feature the standards, and some not-so-standards. My gang of five will be there, as will my grandfather, my parents, and my sister and her family. Without question, it will be a great time and I’m looking forward […]

Eye of Newt

I had a grandfather named Newt, and you, sir are no Newt…   Oh yeah, wait a sec. Newt Gingrich, who’s currently striving to become the first president of this country to have an oddball name, has suddenly risen to the top of the Republican primary field, much like a dead fish rises to the […]


The first snow of the season called for a soup and bread dinner tonight. So I went back over fifteen years for the inspiration for the soup.   You see, out in the wilds of North Dakota where we were for those two-plus years, there was a soup offered on restaurant menus, at soup suppers, and […]

Blowin’ In the Wind

By the time most of you read this tomorrow, I’ll have been outfitted with my very own, shiny new CPAP machine.   Yes, the sleep doctor called me to deliver the results of my sleep study: I don’t stop breathing–at least for any period of time longer than a second or two–but I do have […]


Patrick has his first band concert of the year tonight. It was a great show, and it’s always amazing to me to hear the improvement year over year. (I plan on converting over and posting some video of the performance here hopefully this weekend.) But watching my kids in band performances make me regret missing […]

Lights Out

When I got to work today, we had only a few lights on. Not a big deal, I thought, sometimes people turn them on or off. Besides, it’s sunny outside so it shouldn’t be a problem.   But quickly, I discovered the problem: There was some sort of electrical issue that our crack mechanical staff […]