No, I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. The candy, dressing up, scaring people, and the like. It’s a quasi-holiday without a purpose…Sort of…


But the kids adore it, and part of being a parent is seeing things through the filter of your kids. I was told tonight by the girls that this was, and I quote: “The best Halloween ever.” There’s that part of me that doesn’t quite know why it may be the best ever, but then the parent part kicks in and simply says “who the hell cares? They enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters.”


Ah, but maybe, part of it was the whole costume thing. They did a great job…So I give you photographic evidence:

That’s Hannah by the way. As a witch.


This is Zoe. As “Creepy Dead Girl.”


Patrick was off with friends after school at a party, and then off to help with a haunted house that one of his friends was a part of. And he seemed to enjoy that pretty well.


So the kids had a good Halloween…A fine holiday that really seems to be meant for kids…Just not for me.


See you tomorrow.