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Sorry for the extended weekend, folks.


Really, I think I’ve got valid reasons for not blogging every night…Or even some of them. Well, except Thursday. That night is a little dodgy. But only because I was stressing out


Friday night was a game night with Matt and most of his family (which was okay because Patrick was out too at a Halloween party put on by his scout troop).


Saturday night would have worked, except that I really didn’t have anything I thought I could write about…Though in retrospect, I should have written about the Gopher football game that day. Patrick and I were there and saw one of the better games in a while. But it was a different night: Hannah and Zoe were at a sleepover birthday party.


And then there was today, which was just as busy as other weekend days. Except that I had to pick up the girls…


I’ve done some catching up this weekend on some TV and video viewing: I got through two-and-a-half episodes of Mad Men, putting me over halfway through the second season.


I made the executive decision that PanAm is horrible, after suffering through the third episode. It’s trying too hard to be like Mad Men, while trying desperately to be different. Except that they’ve been trying to get in every character’s back-story at the same time, making running a business difficult.


I have, however, picked up a new show: Reggie Perrin, currently showing during the comedy hour on TPT. It’s based loosely on the series The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, which hails from the ’70s. This retelling stars Martin Clunes as Reggie, and has stayed true to the point that he indeed goes to the coast and strips down, but so far, no walking out into the ocean.


Then tonight I finally watched my Netflix movie: The Man Who Sued God. Somehow, Netflix thought I’d really like it, but instead of 4 stars, I only gave it 3. It’s kind of funny (I think it was trying to be funnier), and it’s just a little bit love story. I can’t say I’d really recommend the movie–it’s just kind of flat and predictable.


And now it’s 10:40 and I’m exhausted and I have to go back and face work tomorrow…Good luck to all of you out there.


See you tomorrow.