Let’s begin at the end: butternut squash soup and three loaves of homemade bread for dinner tonight (2 loaves of French bread, and one no-knead loaf). It’s time for another vegetarian or low-meat week for Jenni and I, and having stumbled on an excellent preparation for the soup, I decided to do it again…Bonus: it’s dairy free, too.


No, I’m not looking forward to work in the morning, but I submitted my resume and application for the open supervisor position in our department on Friday. Our new manager gets back from vacation on Wednesday, so I’m thinking that hopefully there will be rumblings on that front sometime late this week or early next week.


The weekend seemed to speed by, though it was pretty fun. On Saturday, Jenni hosted a Tastefully Simple party, and my cousin’s wife was the sales rep. So we sat around afterward and talked for a while, which was fun and strangely adult at the same time…And no, I don’t mean that kind of adult, I mean grown up.


Made a couple of quiches for dinner, and then rolled into Sunday.


Today was just the standard day for me, anyway. Jenni and the kids went with Mom to the Children’s Theatre, and spoke very highly of the production of A Wrinkle in Time.


So here we are already at Sunday night, finishing up the weekend and preparing for the week. The kids go back to school after the long weekend, Jenni heads into her week, and I go into my week to see what it holds. I just wish the weekend didn’t feel so short.


See you tomorrow.